King of the Mountain

A close up look at OLGA SVENDLE-GAYLORD.

The Good Lord said we’d have trouble in this dark world (John 16:33), and it’s name is the Forest Ranch Center… the most corrupt and evil school district on this planet.

In the Valley of the Shadow of Death Character PROFILE:

Olga Svendle-Gaylord
General Director of The Forest Ranch Center

Disclaimer: In the Valley of the Shadow of Death (Copyright 2020 by Coto T. King) is a Work of Fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events or conversations is purely coincidental.

The Forest Ranch Center is a campus within the Forest Ranch Independent School District located in Houston, Texas, which is one of the the wealthiest and largest Independent School Districts in the Nation. It is also the most corrupt and evil school district on this planet.

The Good Lord said we’d have trouble in this dark world (John 16:33), and it’s name is the Forest Ranch Center.

The Forest Ranch Center sits on 75 acres which are nestled in one of the most affluent communities in Texas. It houses an 11,000 seat outdoor stadium, a 10,000 seat indoor Arena, a 15,000 square foot conference center, and a 500 seat Performing Arts Theater.

The General Director of the Forest Ranch Center, otherwise known as the mastermind of evil, or what I like to call Satan’s minion, is none other than the distinguished in her own mind, Olga Swendle-Gaylord.

Olga comes from a long line of white collar criminals. All of which were masters at labor racketeering, embezzlement, wage theft, fraud, bribery, and forgery. Making Olga no different from her ancestors.


In 1997 Olga managed the Nashville Coliseum. It was a venue that was home to the professional wrestling league. It was also a venue for Rock n Roll concerts. However, all was not well with the Nashville Coliseum. A professional wrestler told the press “Olga Svendle-Gaylord did everything she could to force wrestling out of the venue. She raised the rent and mandated an expensive security “force” be hired to “control” the rowdy wrestling fans, whom she always looked down upon.
That being said, it was pretty funny watching the passive-aggressive conversations between other wrestlers and Olga backstage. They both clearly thought the other was vile and insignificant, masking their hostility with smiling faces”


In April of 1997, Olga courted the Satanic Band Marilyn Manson to perform at the Nashville Coliseum. Disregarding the growing public pressure by religious, civic and political leaders who criticized the group’s image. And in spite of sworn affidavits by teens attesting to “satanic church services”, “naked female guitar players”, drugs being “constantly passed out from the front to the back”, and “real and simulated sex onstage” by band members. Olga still allowed them to perform at the Nashville Coliseum.


Before the Band took the stage, an associate pastor of First Assembly of God, told the press that members of the Christian community oppose the Manson concert for various reasons, including “the fact that the singer calls his album the ‘Antichrist Superstar’ and makes analogies to himself as the Antichrist, as well as promotes suicide.” All of their albums are covered with warnings of explicit language and violent content.

After the band had performed onstage, Olga Svendle-Gaylord told the press that ” The show was about as plain as rock ‘n’ roll show as I’ve ever seen.”

This lead to a former WWF Wrestler publicly stating to a news reporter that Olga Svendle-Gaylord was none other than “Lady Satan” and that she and her minions constantly treated them like crap.

Olga’s current crimes include misrepresentation of the Forest Ranch Center’s finances in which she consistently deceives the school board and the community. She believes that stealing from a government entity is very alluring. In Olga’s mind she see’s this giant pile of cash to steal from and no guilt of hurting “a person.” 


Olga has this “do what ever it takes” attitude. She hands out directives to achieve her aggressive goals which leads to unethical tactics. She delegates ambiguous directives to others on the campus then turns a willfully blind eye to the consequent questionable and unethical behaviors.

Olga likes to think that she is smart, and being in the position of power, she knows how to avoid getting caught. She is driven by greed, invincibility and a desire to win at all costs.

For these reasons, I, Sandy Ryan, vow to stop her insanity. I vow to stop her at all costs. She and all the upper management at Forest Ranch ISD are going down hard for all of their shenanigans. -Amen


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