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The Ring

Image by Marcelo Bragion from Pixabay

The Ring

by Coto T. King

“Come on Jeanie, We’re going to be late!”
“I’m coming Chuck!” Jeanie yelled down from the top of the staircase as she slipped her wedding ring on to her finger. Chuck and Jeanie had been married for 45 years, and they were still madly in love with each other.

Their Church Group was meeting at Luby’s Restaurant for lunch and prayer that Sunday afternoon. Chuck didn’t want to be late. “Come on Love, hussle it up!”
Jeanie finally made it to the bottom of the staircase, as Chuck kissed her forehead, “Hi sweet baby! You look so beautiful!”. Grabbing her fingers and intertwining them with his, he lead her to the van parked in their driveway and helped her in. It was a beautiful day in Houston as they drove to the restaurant.

“Welcome to Luby’s! How many are in your party?”
“We are with the Church Group over there,” Chuck said pointing to the far corner of the room.
“I’ll take you to them. Follow me please.”

“I need to wash my hands Chuck. I’ll meet you at the table.”
Jeanie opened the door to the newly remodeled Ladies Room and walked up to the nearest sink basin. Her wedding ring sparkled in the fluorescent light. It has just come back from being cleaned at the jewelers. Not wanting to get soap on it, she took off her wedding ring and placed it behind the sink before squirting her hands with the gooey soap. She washed and dried her hands, then walked to the table where her husband and friends were waiting for her.

After dinner, they stopped at the grocery store and ran a few more errands before finally going home. As Jeanie was putting away the groceries she noticed her wedding ring was not on her finger. Frantic, she and Chuck searched the house for it. They checked the usual place next to their bed upstairs where an antler ring mount keep their rings when they were sleeping. It was not there. It was not in the bathroom. It was not downstairs in the living room or the kitchen. It was no where to be found.

“We have to go back to the restaurant and look for it,” Jeanie said tears streaming down her face. “That’s the last place I remember seeing it.” Between the tears, they prayed, “Lord, please help us. You gave this ring to us 45 years ago. You know where the ring is. Take care of it. Put your angels around it. Please Lord, help us find it. Show us where it is. Show us where to look. In your precious name Jesus, we pray, Amen.”

Chuck hit the pedal to the metal, breaking all speed laws, as they flew back to the restaurant. Jeanie searched the ladies room and found nothing. The manager alerted the entire crew working there to search for it high and low, but it was still no where to be found. Saddened, they went home empty handed.

“I’m going to retrace my steps at home. Maybe, I put it down somewhere and just don’t remember doing so.” It was the last hope of hopes. “Please Lord, help us find it.” Between the prayers and the tears, Jeanie searched every room downstairs. Everything was as it should be, except the ring was not on her finger and was no where to be found. Heart broken she went back to the kitchen to put away the groceries she had abandoned earlier.

“Jeanie,” Chuck said softly as he entered the kitchen watching his wife put away the groceries. Tears were still streaming down her face. “Jeanie!” he said a bit louder, “Jeanie look at me!” She turned, and his heart melted as it always does when he sees her.

She watched him as he held out his closed fist to her. Confusion was written all over her face until he opened his fist to reveal the wedding ring.

“How? Where?” The tears were coming in floods now. “Where did you ….Where?” She was stunned and amazed.
“It was upstairs darling. It was on the antlers where you always put it before going to bed.”
“But I distinctly remember taking it off at the restaurant, besides you already looked upstairs before we left to go back to the restaurant to look for it.”
Taking her in his arms and holding her close he whispered, “I know Jeanie. I know. God knew exactly where it was all the time.”

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